Get the Latest Athletic Updates in the Wazzoo

Get the Latest Athletic Updates in the Wazzoo

The Latest Athletics Updates have been released and as expected the highlights are great. Achieving the Best Student- Athlete’s award is one of them. I especially like that they recognize high school athletics such as football and basketball and offer recognition for our nation’s youth, not just juniors and seniors but also the entire student body from grade twelve to twelfth graders. It’s a great program and one that I am glad is available in DVD form.

The latest athletics updates come right after the NCAA championship and gives you an inside look at what the student-athletes go through before heading into college, how it affects them, and how much success they have in college and beyond. It really showcases what a hard work-oriented athletic career can accomplish. You will also learn about the various talents and skills that are needed in order to excel in this sport. Achieving success in the classroom and on the field will require you to stay ahead of the competition and be prepared for any challenge.

In the previous year, the Athletic Director position was filled by Gary Patterson. He was a Wyoming graduate and former basketball player for the University of Phoenix. A former all-conference center and current assistant coach at University of Colorado, he brings a wealth of knowledge and athletic ability to the department. His arrival will hopefully be a boost to the Tigers’ ability to compete in the Big West Conference.

One of the biggest winners this year was the University of Arizona. Pacing the way to the NCAA title was their finest athlete recruited in the past, prized recruit Taurell Johnson-Shaqar. Following his strong performances in both the baseball and softball programs, the school offered him the extension of his contract that is worth over seven million dollars. Arizona State University has also had a huge impact on the athletic landscape this year. Pacing the way to a No. 2 ranking behind USC, they have also been busy winning games in the field hockey, women’s ice hockey and men’s swim and dive programs.

Most notably, they signed the top overall recruit in the country in diver Jack Pike. Also signing extremely well-known athletes such as women’s tennis player-turned-actor Taylor Claiborne, swimmer Evan SUpton and track star Andre Johnson, the AZU athletics department has done a great job of developing and improving the brand of the school. In response to the criticisms, they released a “College Game” that includes highlights from last year’s championship game and some video footage from the spring workouts. The NCAA has yet to release their own college soccer rankings, but so far Arizona State University has been fairly dominant in the Pac-12.

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