Diversity In Sports

Diversity In Sports

Updates on the life of the current athletics superstar and the team they represent are a hot topic among fans, teams, and athletes. Fans want to know what is going on with their favorite player or teams while players want to know if they are getting a fair treatment by the coach they are playing for. Even sports writers have a stake in what’s going on with the athletes of their favorite sports teams, because they also get paid to write about those teams and players.

In the college world, as well as the professional world, there are spring exhibitions that occur throughout the country. There are also many sports medicine and training clinics that offer spring-time exercises and treatments to help give students-athletes an edge over other athletes who are not as blessed with great genes. One of the latest athletics updates you may find is the amount of money that a star athlete is being paid. While there are many sports medicine professionals that make very good money, some spring college sports stars are making six-figure salaries and more. The reason for this is that college athletes are in demand. Coaches are willing to pay top dollar to have star players on their teams, because it’s better to have a healthy athlete who can contribute to their overall spring workouts, instead of a student-athlete who may not be as healthy or be able to provide the kind of effort that every college athlete needs.

The Athletic Association now has come under fire for not holding any meetings to allow for change in the Bylaws. According to the Athletic Association’s new Bylaws, these meetings are not required as long as the Association does not have new questions or concerns about the Bylaws that are presented to the membership at a General Membership meeting. This seems pretty shady, given that the Athletic Association is in dire need of some outside oversight. The Bylaws are already in place and have been working smoothly for years, yet the Athletic Association is not really considering changing anything in them.

Another interesting piece of news is that the University of Alabama has implemented a new rule in its athletic department that all student-athletes must now wear a wristband that says: “The University of Alabama is not using its money or student athletics budget in activities that support alcohol or drug use.” The reasoning behind this is that there are many problems with the current NCAA model where schools can and do penalize athletes for using drugs or alcohol during their college year. They do not have to do this if they can prove that a student-athlete was not using it. But the new rule goes against the rights of the student-athletes and the NCAA, which is why I expect a lot more press about this as the season goes on. It also shows the growing concern over the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in college sports.

There have also been a lot of discussions over the summer about how college athletics can sponsor better programs for underrepresented minorities, because there seems to be very little black or Hispanic athletes in major sports. One solution being suggested is for universities to create scholarships for these talented athletes so that they can continue to build up their sports programs and create high quality programs for minority students. But this would require some creative thinking on the part of a college president, who is probably under a lot of pressure from his athletic department at the university to make sure that every student who wants a college degree is provided with the opportunity to get one. If you will recall the very negative focus that was placed on football player Johnny Williams when he refused to play for the USC Trojans because of his background and his stance on the issue.

These are just a couple of the topics I have been covering in my weekly college sports columns. I have introduced a new blog to help bring awareness to these topics, and I invite you to visit it at my website. You can also read other articles I have written on the latest athletics news. Please consider all this and think on it. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future articles on this topic please feel free to contact me at any time. I am very interested in hearing from you and what your thoughts on this important issue are.