Info Sport – What it Offers to Its Customers

Info Sport – What it Offers to Its Customers

info sport

Info Sport – What it Offers to Its Customers

Info Sport is a sports marketing and management company located in Atlanta Georgia. It is a part of the Direct Marketing Association. Info Sport has been around for a few years assisting companies in the area of marketing and promotional products. Its services include, but not limited to, digital media, digital signage, event promotion and direct response marketing. With the use of digital technology, companies are able to increase their reach and fan base.

The company provides a simple concept that anyone can easily use. Their slogan is, “The way to a sports star’s heart is through his stomach”. This is true because through info sport, one can access to the sports star’s true self who is relatable and authentic. One can therefore relate to this particular sport person as if they were talking with a favorite team or sports star.

With Info Sport, a company can advertise its product through sport events. These events provide a platform where the product or service can be directly confronted by the target audience. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising which requires investing in a huge amount of resources, digital media allows a company to create a short movie or small slide show about the product or service it is trying to market. By being confrontational and exposing the product or service’s unique features, the viewer can immediately identify with the product and become more familiar. Through a short film, the company can build brand loyalty.

The company’s other services include digital signage in sports arenas and stadium locations. Signage is a crucial part of the advertising campaign as it not only makes the product known to the audience, but also engages them in the advertising process. Signage enables the company to create the right impact on the right target audience. This is especially important in promoting upcoming sporting events. By using signage, the company can promote upcoming games and events on a much larger scale.

The company also offers sports marketing services including managing athletic program development, strategic planning, tournament and exhibition planning and production. With this wide range of offerings in its repertoire, Info Sport has established itself as a leader in the industry. It aims to continually improve its processes and products. In this way, it aims to constantly become a leader in the industry by continuously providing innovative and attractive solutions to its customers.

The company also publishes an annual sports industry report and employs an internal team of marketers to keep themselves abreast of current sports trends and practices. Sports trends are critical to the survival of a sports brand as they provide essential information about the audience, players, venues, teams, and sponsors of a particular sport. With the help of this information, a company can develop effective marketing campaigns that will make a difference on their bottom line. In essence, Info Sport helps in identifying new trends in sports and formulating effective marketing strategies for sports brands.