Where to Get the Latest Sports Updates

Where to Get the Latest Sports Updates

Latest Athletics Updates

Where to Get the Latest Sports Updates

As a member of the women’s volleyball recruiting network at Inside The Bag, I have had the pleasure of getting the latest athletics news from top college programs like USC, Texas A&M, UCLA, and many others. Every spring there is a new set of signees and all the colleges and universities in the country are scrambling to get these players signed as they see them as their next great moneymaker. The APR scores, or Academic Progress Rate, is the yardstick used to measure the student’s ability and performance as it pertains to being a good student. The higher the APR, the better the prospect of the athlete having success as a college athlete and as an individual professional. So, as a college coach or someone else who is involved in the recruitment process, I want to share with you some of my latest Athletic Updates that I’ve noticed.

First off, I have to tell you that the NCAA has approved a rule that will cut costs for the universities that participate in conferences with other schools. You see, many conferences now have a minimum number of games that must be played by a team within a particular season. Now the SEC is one of those conferences and their rule is that if a school from another conference play more than their conference team and their team wins, the SEC school has to give that school a game against the school in their own conference the following season. The impact of this is very great and it shows just how much the SEC has come to dominate the college athletic landscape. However, the SEC has come under fire lately due to the college sports contracts that are being handed out each year.

Now the NCAA is looking into changing the rules and having conferences play fewer games. However, there is no current plan in place as of yet. Another interesting trend that I’ve noticed involves college coaches shopping around to other conferences to get athletes. Coaches will travel across the country, visit smaller schools and try to recruit the player of their choice. This is a trend that shows just how much the sport has become professionalized.

The internet is also a great source of the latest athletics updates. I always check the college football rankings each week and then I’ll make my way over to the SEC websites to see what’s going on at their websites. The thing that bugs me though, is that the SEC has their own website, which is better than the other conferences’. The SEC Network is also a great resource for all of the college sports fans out there. You can access live games, listen to the pregame show, interact with other fans, and even watch highlights of previous games.

Lastly, I love checking out the reaction from college athletes across the country. You can usually find tweets on a variety of different sports related topics. It’s great to see how others across the country are reacting to any given situation. It gives you an inside look at what’s going on with college athletes, fans and conferences. Take a look at some of the comments on Twitter and you’ll get a good feel for how things are going in college football right now.

There are a ton of sites that provide the latest athletics updates around the country. I just would definitely recommend you try a couple of them before you decide. I’ve included a link below to one site that covers a wide range of college sports. It’s a well known source for college sports coverage, so you’ll know that it’s trustworthy. Good luck and have fun.